Job Modifier Acts Erratically (v2015 and prior) – SENTINEL with CODESOFT Problem

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CODESOFT creates a pair of Job Modifier (.jms) files with the same file name. It saves these files in different folders where they are accessed by SENTINEL. However, if they fall out of sync, the different content can create an unusual situation with SENTINEL printing erratically between print jobs.

Situation and symptoms

  • Using CODESOFT Enterprise v2015 or earlier
  • Job Modifier function is enabled in printer settings
  • Job Modifier does not always apply the commands consistently


CODESOFT stores Job Modifier settings in .jms files. Every printer setup in CODESOFT links to a pair of separately named .jms files. CODESOFT v2015 (and earlier) stores these values in two different locations (e.g. v2014):

  • c:\ProgramData\Teklynx\CODESOFT 2014\misc
  • c:\Users\All Users\Teklynx\CODESOFT 2014\misc

According to TEKLYNX, SENTINEL may bounce back and forth between these two folders to pull Job Modifier settings during different print runs. A label job may use the Job Modifier settings from one location. While on the next label job, (using the same printer setup) it may use the settings in the other location. If these two files somehow get out of sync, the result is that the user sees inconsistent behavior.

Same .jms in two different folder locations


You will need to verify that the .jms files of the same name contain the same exact data:

  1. Quit out of CODESOFT and stop SENTINEL services.
  2. Open both .jms files in a text editor program, such as Notepad.
  3. Determine which file has the correct content.
  4. Copy the accurate file into the folder containing the file with the incorrect data, replacing it.

NOTE: If you are unsure about which file has the correct data, save the one you are replacing in another folder. Run CODESOFT and SENTINEL to see if it performs as desired. If it does not, replace the file in both folders with the saved file.

Additional comments

Issue Found: TEKLYNX CENTRAL v4.5

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