NiceLabel Cloud Invitation Emails Not Being Received – NiceLabel Problem

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NiceLabel Cloud offers the feature of being able to send out emails to invite others to be able to collaborate on designing or printing label templates. However, some users have had problems with the invitation emails not being received.

Situation and Symptoms

  • Sent emails are not being received by the invitees.
  • Emails are not appearing in the junk folder nor in any exchange servers.
  • The recipient email addresses are valid and they are able to receive emails from other sources.
  • NiceLabel’s interface does not indicate any errors.


The emails are sent through Loftware’s (the publisher of NiceLabel) servers. Any emails that bounce back are added to a list and no further emails can be sent to that address. While this traps misspelled email addresses, it also traps those which are accurate, but where the recipients’ IT security measures block emails from unknown IP addresses.


Users experiencing this issue should first check with their IT department to learn whether security protocols might be blocking the email. After that is resolved, they should contact EBI Support and we can have Loftware remove the specified email from the Bounce Back List. After it has been removed, you can re-send the activation email from the Users Menu. It should then appear in the intended recipient’s mail box.

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