Invalid Printer Name – NiceLabel Error

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When attempting to print a label, a user received the following error message,
An error occurred while trying to execute “Set Printer (1.4)” action.
Printer name “” is invalid for set printer action.

This article explains the error message, what caused it to appear, and how to resolve the issue.


The error message itself indicates that there is a problem trying to execute part of the NiceLabel solution. In this situation the user is attempting to print a label. The “Set Printer” action depends on pulling the name of the printer from a database. In this case, the field in the database where the printer name was supposed to be was blank (null). As a result, the solution cannot complete the task until a value is put into the database table to use as a printer name.

Quick Fixes

Insert a valid printer name into the proper field in the database.

Additional Comments

Issue found with NiceLabel 10.

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