Installing the Workday App on the DataLogic Memor 10 Handheld Computer – Instructions

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The Workday app allows users of the Workday software to securely access their cloud-based applications on mobile devices running the Android OS. This article provides instructions on how to load the Workday App on the DataLogic Memor 10 handheld computer.


You will need to have ready:

  • Fully-charged DataLogic Memor 10 running Android version 5.0 or better
  • Google account credentials
  • WiFi credentials
  • A determination on the best way to control user access, whether it be PIN, Password, or Pattern


  1. Turn on the device. The Start Screen will appear. Press the START button.

    Press SKIP on the next screen when asked if you want to connect to a mobile network.

  1. Connect to WLAN. Select “See all Wi-Fi networks”. Choose the correct network and connect to it normally with any passwords required.

  1. Set up as new. Select “Set up as new” on the Copy apps & data page.

  1. Sign in with Google Account. Enter the email or phone for your Google account and press the Next button.

    Press Skip for “Add phone number” and Accept the terms of service on the following screens.

  1. Set up screen lock. In “Protect your phone”, choose your method of unlocking the screen.

    Skip “Google Assistant”.

    Answer NO THANKS on the “Help your Assistant customize your experience…” screen.

    Likewise, answer NO THANKS to adding another email account on the “Anything else” page.

  1. Change the Send Code ID to AIM identifier before in scanner settings.
  1. Search for the Workday app on the Google Play Store. On the desktop, tap the Play Store icon to launch the app. Search for “Workday”.

  1. Install the Workday App. Tap Install to download and install the app on the Memor 10.

  1. Log in to Workday. Use your Workday account credentials to log into the app.

  1. Enter your Organization ID. Workday will require you to enter your Organization ID for the first launch only.

    You are now ready to use Workday on your DataLogic Memor 10.

Outside Sources and Helpful Links

See your Workday integrator for access to the Workday sytem.

If you need further assistance, please contact us.


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