Installing TEKLYNX CENTRAL Where TEKLYNX CENTRAL Server and SQL Server Reside On Different Domains – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Problem


This article explains how to resolve the TEKLYNX CENTRAL problem of installing TEKLYNX CENTRAL when the servers reside on different domains.


User cannot connect to an SQL server during TEKLYNX CENTRAL (TC) installation process.  The SQL server belongs to a different domain than the TC server.


When installing TEKLYNX CENTRAL, user is asked to identify which SQL to use. This SQL server has to be reachable through normal network connection. It does not, however, have to be in the same domain as TEKLYNX CENTRAL server.


In order to reach a server outside the domain, the user needs to identify the SQL server by using FQDN (<servername>.<domain name>.<domain extension>). The user may have to ask for assistance from IT.

It is possible to use the server IP address to locate the SQL server. The IP address, once used during the install, CANNOT BE CHANGED. Doing so will break several links within TEKLYNX CENTRAL to the SQL server.

Don’t forget to remind the IT admin that, if the IP address is used to identify the TEKLYNX CENTRAL server during install, the IP address cannot be changed on the SQL server. If it is changed, a complete re-install of TEKLYNX CENTRAL may be required.

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