Install Mapper (i.e. Design/Workstation) – SENTINEL Instructions

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This Instruction Article explains how to install the Mapper program for SENTINEL. The Mapper program, also referred to as SENTINEL Design/Workstation, acts as a companion to the TEKLYNX SENTINEL software. Previously, SENTINEL automatically installed Mapper by default.  However, since version 2018, you must add it as a custom setup option.


  • Installer for SENTINEL (same version of SENTINEL and CODESOFT you are currently using)
  • Administrative access to the target computer (workstation or server)


  1. Download installer to target workstation or server
  2. Run the installer
  3. Select “SENTINEL Design/Workstation”
The SENTINEL Design/Workstation option that must be selected to install the mapper

Additional comments

This was tested using SENTINEL v2018.

Note: SENTINEL uses a Map file to interpret and analyze the content of an input file. This is applicable when you use the File capture feature for SENTINEL input.

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