Install and License Marko Printer Drivers – CODESOFT Article

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This article guides you through the process of installing and licensing Marko printer drivers.


  • Installed CODESOFT Enterprise with active license
  • Valid Marko printer driver license


  1. Close CODESOFT as it will stop the Marko driver installation if it is running
  2. Open the SDP folder which is provided when the Marko driver license is purchased
  3. Run Setup.exe
  4. If Windows Defender attempts to stop the installation, click on More info and then the Run anyway button
Windows Defender my ask for confirmation before allowing install.
  1. Start the installation and select the radio button for Install for all users of this machine.
Markoprint Installation Wizard
  1. Click on the Finish button to complete the Driver Pack installation.
Click on Finish to complete the installation.
  1. When the Activation screen appears, select Activate and enter the Serial Number and Password.
Activate the printer drivers.
  1. Open CODESOFT and add the Marko printer

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