Install and Setup Bullzip As Virtual Printer To Test Automated Printing Systems – Bullzip Instructions


This Instruction Article explains how to install and setup BullZip as virtual printer. This is very handy when testing server based printing as it allows you to create print jobs and view the results without a physical printer.


  • Download the latest version of BullZip:
  • Install Adobe Reader: (if not already installed)
  • Run Ghostscript.exe (For installs WITHOUT Internet Connection only) – this application is required for the Bullzip installer to work. If connected to the Internet, the Bullzip installer will download and install it automatically.


  1. Run Install Wizard
    1. Run Setup_BullzipPDFPrinter_XXXX.exe
    2. Allow the software to download and install ghostscript.exe (if Internet connection is available)*
  2. Disable Interactive Options
    1. Open Bullzip Options (Program Files/Bullzip/Options) and change the following settings:
    1. General Tab: Filename – change to file name and folder location and uncheck Confirm Overwrite (be careful about the destination folder location, there was a case where Windows Server 2012 would not allow files to be saved to the desktop…see article #01834)
    2. Dialogs Tab: ‘Never’ for Save As – Dialog and ‘Never’ for Settings – Dialog
    3. Actions Tab: ‘No’ for Open the document after creation
  3. Grant local Administrator Permissions – to the Windows Service that runs the print jobs by changing the Log On credentials to an account with that access.  Using the default Local System Account does not work with BullZip…it does not have enough permissions to save the file (remember to reset the service after making change).
    1. SENTINEL/TEKLYNX CENTRAL – set the login account for Label Print Manager to an account with local Administrator rights
    2. Integration Builder – set the login account for BarTender Integration Service to an account with local Administrator rights
  4. Run a Test Print from Windows – Use Windows Devices and Printers (in Control Panel) to send a ‘Test Print’.
  5. Run a Test Print from the Labeling System –  Manually (using the labeling software) send a label to the Bullzip printer.
  6. Run a Test Print from the Automated System – Test using automated system.


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