Insert Prompt Values into ZPL Code Stored in Printer Memory – Zebra Instructions


This Instruction Article explains how to insert prompt value into ZPL code to be stored in printer memory for Zebra printers. This is commonly used when integrating a keyboard directly into the printer for data input via a KDU.


  1. Create ZPL code instructions for the printer
  2. For each ^FN variable marker (e.g. ^FN1, ^FN2, ^FN3, etc.), insert the prompt value name in quotes (e.g. ^FN1″Enter State”, ^FN2″Enter Zip Code”, etc.)
  3. Execute ZPL code (should start with an ^XFR command)

Note: These prompt values are not likely to be seen unless using a KDU with the printer.

Outside Sources and Helpful Links

See p.172 of the Zebra ZPL Programming Guide: Zebra ZPL Programming Guide #P1012728-011

Additional Comments

The full syntax of the Field Number command in ZPL is: ^FN#”a”.

  • ^FN is the ZPL command
  • # is the unique number assigned to the specific field (allows differentiation from other fields)
  • “a” is field prompt value (put in quotes as described above)

Example: The ^FN1″Name” would result in “Name” being used as the prompt on the KDU unit.


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