“Input String Was Not In a Correct Format” When Retrieving Data From a PDT – BACKTRACK Error Message


This article explains the BACKTRACK error message “Input String Was Not In a Correct Format” and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


This error message indicates that the data that BACKTRACK is working with at the time does not match the rules for the data in the particular database field.  For example, the data string contains letters but the database field is formatted for only numbers.

The PDT application does not always verify the data entered will match the database definition.  Therefore, it is possible the user will scan or enter data that does not match and this error will indicate the problem.

There can be several potential causes for this mismatch:

1. BACKTACK is trying to insert characters in the field does not conform to the item structure definition for the that field (e.g. adding letters to a number field)

2. The date structure BACKTRACK is trying to write does match the data structure of the field (e.g. BACKTRACK is trying to insert MM/DD/YYYY into a field expecting MM/DD/YY)

3.  If the data mismatch is coming from the PDT, BACKTRACK may let you correct the data during the import process.  If not, the PDT data will need to be cleared and the data reentered into the PDT.


Identify the data element that cause the problem and determine the restriction(s) set in BACKTRACK.  The field definitions can be found in Item Structure screen.  You can find this screen here:

Main Menu / Database Maintenance / Administrative Functions / Maintain Application / Edit/ Advanced Edit / Edit Item Structure

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Error message first appeared:  Windows 7, 8 running BACKTRACK 2012.00.04


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