Increase the TEKLYNX License Manager Tolerance to Prevent Lost Network Connection From Deactivating Labeling Software – CODESOFT, LABELVIEW, and LABEL MATRIX Instructions


This Instruction Article explains how to use the TEKLYNX License Manager Utility to adjust the license tolerance for the License Managers for CODESOFT, LABELVIEW, and LABEL MATRIX.  This prevents the client workstations from deactivating the software during momentary loss of connections (up to eight hours maximum disconnect time).


  1. Go to the server hosting the TEKLYNX (CODESOFT, LABELVIEW, or LABEL MATRIX) Network Utilities
  2. Look for the Network Utilities toolbar in the upper right hand corner of the screen (it is, by default, hidden and thus very hard to see) and click on it to expand
    • Look for the hidden toolbar edge and click on it:
    • This is how the toolbar looks after it has been expanded:
  3. Select the License Service Controller (second from the left icon) to bring up the License Service screen
  4. Click on the wrench icon to open the Setting screen
  5. Change the value of the field labeled “minutes of tolerance in case of network disconnection…” to whatever value is suitable (8 hour / 480 minute limit) and press “OK” to save the setting

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Additional Comments

The downside to increasing the tolerance is that the license server will hold open disconnected licenses for that tolerance period.  In other words, if someone intentionally get disconnected, that license they were using will not be available to another workstation until the set tolerance period has ended (unless someone manually disconnects the user from the utility).  See Related Article regarding ‘TEKLYNX Network License Not Being Released…’

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