Add Voice (Pick) Code in Your Label Design – CODESOFT Instruction Article


This Instruction Article explains how to generate and incorporate VoiceCode for CODESOFT .


  1. If you need to generate VoiceCode information for your label design, it is highly likely that you already have a GS1 barcode (at least GS1 formatted data) in your label design.  It is a requirement.
  2. In order to generate VoiceCode, you need 3 sets of information: GTIN, Lot Number and Date (all of which are most likely a part of your GS1 label).
  3. In Data Source
    1. Create a new Formula (give it a name – VC)
    2. Select Functions then select VoiceCode
    3. Fill in the parameters for VoiceCode. 
    4. Click Test to confirm the result
    5. Click OK
  4. Now that you have created data for VoiceCode, you need to put it in the label design.  The VoiceCode normally appears on the label in white letters over black background with 2 digits on the left in smaller print that the 2 digits on the right.
    1. Create the black background by using rectangular box with black border and black background
    2. Use ‘left’ and ‘right’ formulas to create 2 separate portions of the VoiceCode
    3. Place the 2 portions of the VoiceCode on to an empty area on the label design.
    4. Set the left font size of the left portion to be smaller than the right
    5. Set the Color of the Character settings for both portions to be white Foreground and black Background
    6. Place both parts of the VoiceCode on to the black rectangular box created earlier. Arrange the layout as you see fit.


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