Import of a LABEL ARCHIVE Access Database File Fails – Error Message Appears After Start of Import – LABEL ARCHIVE Problem


This article explains how to properly import files into LABEL ARCHIVE to avoid problems regarding database access failure.


Import of a LABEL ARCHIVE mdb file fails. The import appears to start ok. The user is allowed to select the mdb file and select the documents to import. However, when the process starts, an error message appears and the import stops.


LABEL ARCHIVE cannot import the actual LabelArchive.mdb file. This is the file stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\Teklynx\Label Archive Server.


To import the information, an export file needs to be created first. Both default Export and the ‘Create a workable LABEL ARCHIVE’ options will work.

When LABEL ARCHIVE creates an Export file, it changes the database. Noted changes are:

  • Labels (documents) marked for deletion are removed
  • DocID’s are renumbered

A sign that the file you are trying to import is the actual Access database file and not an email is that the actual database file will require a password (tkllas) to access the data.

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