Remove Leading Zeros from a CSV File for Import Into BACKTRACK – BACKTRACK Instruction Article


This article explains how to take a .CSV file format export from the item database, modify specific records, and re-import as a transaction import into BACKTRACK while maintaining the format in numbered fields.


1. Obtain .CSV file exported from BACKTRACK
2. Execute Microsoft Excel 2012
3. Select the ‘Data’ tab > click on ‘From text’
4. Navigate to the .CSV file
5. Select the check box ‘Delimited’ and click ‘Next’
6. Select the proper check box that separates each field and click ‘Next’
7. Select each column of numeric records and click ‘Text’ > click ‘Finish’
8. Make the intended modifications to the records
9. Save as .CSV comma delimited
10. Import the modified .CSV comma delimited file into BACKTRACK

Additional Comments

Instructions Written Using:
OS (PC): Windows 7, Server 2008 R2
Application: Excel 2010, Teklynx BACKTRACK 2012 v3

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