Configure the IP Address on a Sato M84Pro Printer – Instructions

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This instruction article will guide you through the process of setting up an IP address on a Sato M84Pro printer equipped with a network interface card.


You will need to have the following items ready to use:

  • Cat 5 ethernet cables (x2)
  • An ethernet switch
  • A laptop computer other computer local to the printer


  1. Configure the ethernet port on the computer (laptop) to use static IP address /
  2. If the printer network interface card has been previously configured, or if you would like to configure the card from scratch, please follow the instructions in this article:
    Resetting the Sato M84Pro Printer Network Interface Card
  3. Create an isolated network between the computer and the printer using one of these two methods:
    OPTION A Connect both the computer and printer to the switch. Make sure nothing else is connected to the switch.
    OPTION B Connect the printer directly to the computer using an Ethernet cable. For most newer computers the computer’s Ethernet port will reconfigure itself to be MDIX rather than MDI. Effectively, this is the same as using a cross-over Ethernet cable.
  4. Open the Sato All-In-One Printer Utilities application.
  5. Click the shortcut for IP Assignment Tool.
Sato All-In-One Printer Utilities application with IP Assignment Tool shortcut highlighted.
  1. The IP Assignment tool will automatically scan the network for the printer. The list below shows two printers on a network. Click on the printer that you’ll be working on in the list. Then, click Assign IP to set a static address for it. If you wish to keep the printer’s network interface card on DHCP, then simply record the IP address to set it up in the printer driver.
Printer Network Setup window in Sato All-In-One Printer Utilities
  1. If you want to turn of DHCP on the printer’s network interface card, then uncheck DHCP and RARP in the Network Interface Settings window. Assign the IP address with a subnet mask of and a default gateway of Click Apply.
Network Interface Setting window with DHCP and RARP boxes unchecked.
  1. After clicking Apply, you will receive an Exception message. This is normal. DO NOT RESTART YOUR PRINTER at this time, or you will lose your IP setting.
M84 IP address exception error message.
  1. Test the IP address assignment by pinging the IP address If it fails, repeat the above steps.
  2. Launch your preferred internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  3. Enter “” in the address bar.
  4. You should see a screen similar to the one shown below.
Sato WPC Plus browser window.
  1. Click on Print Server on the left of the page. When prompted for username and password, enter “root” for the username. There is no password.
  2. You will see a window similar to that shown below. Click on TCP/IP.
M84 IP address configuration web page.
  1. On this page, configure the IP address by entering the appropriate parameters and IP address. If you do not know these details, check with your IT department. Click Submit when you are done. You should see a confirmation that the settings have been accepted.
  2. Disconnect the printer from the ethernet cable and you may now plug it into your regular network.

You have now set the IP address for your Sato M84Pro printer

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