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All NiceLabel multi-user applications track the number of licensed printers (“seats”). This applies to NiceLabel Designer Pro (multiple printers), PowerForms Suite, LMS and NiceLabel Cloud. The Licensed Printer list contains the IDs of the authorized printers. NiceLable counts the licensed printers against the quantity authorized by the license.

NiceLabel creates a unique ID for each printer. It uses a combination of Printer Model Name and Printer Location.

Printer Model – This information is embedded in the printer driver and cannot be changed by the user.

Printer Location – This depends on whether the printer is connected to a network or directly to a computer.

  • Networked Printer – This is the printer’s IP address.
  • Locally Connected Printer – This uses the computer’s ID and the port used by the printer.


When using License Key activations, NiceLabel will open two ports. The first is port 6772 on the computer. The second is port 6773 on the on-premises Control Center installation server. These open ports ensure uninterrupted sharing of the multi-user licensing information. Upon launching any NiceLabel application, the NiceLabel Proxy Service sends broadcast packets to those two ports. It will receive replies from other NiceLabel applications in the labeling environment back through those ports. Note that this does not apply to Control Center activations introduced in v2019.2

Single Printer Being Counted Multiple Times

There are two primary ways NiceLabel can count a printer more than once:

  • Switching Ports – Accessing a printer from more than one port counts as multiple printers. For example, plugging a printer into LPT1 and then changing it to a USB port will count as a second printer.
  • Shared Printers – NiceLabel v10 counts shared printers based on the printer’s shared name, as well as the name of the server it is connected to.
    Installing the printer on multiple computers from \\myServer\MySharedPrinter only counts as a single seat.

    However, installing that printer on a computer using a server alias like \\myServer.mydomain\MySharedPrinter counts as separate printer.

    Similarly, printing directly to that same printer counts as a third printer.

Counting as Single Printer in NiceLabel v2017 and v2019

A printer will only be counted once when:

  • Multiple computers use the same shared network printer’s IP address.
  • Anther workstation also shares and uses a locally-connected printer.

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