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Recently, we encountered a frustrating problem. A label, printed with CODESOFT, appeared to shift when used on a new Intermec PM43 printer. It was completely unresponsive to attempts to change the margins. We were able to finally determine that the printer driver used did not match the driver set in the printer. Honeywell, the manufacturer of Intermec printers, made the following recommendations for printing with TEKLYNX products.


You must have the proper permissions to set up the print driver on the system.


Whenever possible, use a Native Printer driver in Codesoft. Using the Native Printer driver allows CODESOFT to directly control the printer set up. Using an external Windows printer driver can cause problems with the label configuration that can result in incorrect printing of the labels.

Direct Protocol is the preferred printer language selection within CODESOFT. CODESOFT refers to this as “DP mode.” Direct Protocol is part of Honeywell’s language autosense architecture, which is currently included in the Intermec PX4ie, PX6ie, PM43, PM42, PM23, PC43, PC23, PC42, PX940V and PX940A printers. Direct Protocol is the printer configuration with the most efficient label processing speed. When the printer is configured for “Autosense” the printer will print labels in multiple printer languages without the need to reconfigure the printer.

IPL should be used if the printer is printing from CODESOFT or any other label printing application that sends IPL to the printer. As IPL is not part of Honeywell’s language autosense architecture, the printer must be locked into IPL. When possible, start with the printer settings at factory default and then configure the printer settings in CODESOFT’s IPL native printer settings.

Fingerprint should be only used for very specific use cases. Fingerprint moves some error handling functions from the printer to the software. It is recommended to only use Fingerprint when directed to do so by TEKLYNX support or by Efficient Business Integrators.

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Tested with CODESOFT 2019

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