Honeywell Datamax H-Class Printers – Product Information and User Guides

H-4212 Industrial Label Printer

Product Overview

Honeywell’s H-Class family of printers includes 4-, 6-, and 8-inch models with print resolutions of 203, 300, 400 and 600dpi. Regardless of the model, they share certain features to enable easy integration as well as modular, field-installable options to further customize the printer for your specific needs.

Flexible connectivity is one of the features shared across this product line with ethernet, parallel, serial, and USB as standard plus the option to add 802.11b/g wireless and GPIO cards among others. The 240×320 LCD display allows for easy navigation through menus with five languages supported. The printers feature a gear-driven design in a die-cast aluminum frame with clear side windows allowing for easy monitoring of media supply. And, they support both coated-side-in or coated-side-out ribbons without the need for reconfiguration.

Product Information

H-Class Printers Data Sheet (PDF)

User Guides

H-Class Printers Operators Manual (PDF)

H-Class Printers Quick-Start Guide (PDF)

H-Class Printers Cutter Option (PDF)

H-Class Printers GPIO Option (PDF)

H-Class Printers HD Peel & Present Option (PDF)

H-Class Printers Powered Internal Rewind Option (PDF)

H-Class Printers RFID Option (PDF)

H-Class Printers Thermal Transfer Option (PDF)

Programmer & Printer Language Manuals

H-Class Printers Programmer’s Manual (PDF)


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