‘Font (font name) not available – NiceLabel Error Message’

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When creating a label template using NiceLabel Designer, you select fonts that have been recently installed on your computer. However, when you test this label with NiceLabel Automation, you receive an error message stating “Font <Font Name> not available”. Because the label works perfectly when printed using NiceLabel Designer, you know that the font is properly installed and is not corrupted.


If you installed the font(s) by either copying the font files into the Windows Fonts folder or by right-clicking and selecting “Install” on the font files, you have installed the fonts for your use only. Any other user accounts using this same computer will be unable to access these fonts. 

However, when you are using NiceLabel Automation, you are using Windows Service Automation (part of Windows Services) and that uses “Local System” as a logon account. Essentially, that means Windows Service Automation is a separate user account on your computer and does not automatically have the same access to resources as your account.

Services window showing that NiceLabel Automation Service 2019 accesses the computer as a Local System.


The solution is to re-install the fonts so that they can be accessed by any user account on that computer.

Re-install the fonts by selecting them and right-clicking. Then, select Install for all users.

Select Install for all users when installing fonts to allow NiceLabel Automation to be able to access them on your computer.


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