Fixing a SQL Error in Advanced Designer – BACKTRACK Instructions


This Instruction Article explains how to fix a SQL error in the Advanced Designer for BACKTRACK.


  • Good understanding of SQL
  • Familiarity with building and writing reports
  • Solid understanding of BACKTRACK database structure


  1. In the main BACKTRACK window click the Design/Print Reports button.
  2. Select the offending report in the list and click the Edit button 
  3. Click the Advanced Designer button
  4. In the Data window select the node Data Sources -> [database name] -> [table name]
  5. In the Properties window click on SelectCommand row and add or remove required elements of the SQL statement
  6. Save the report, close and test the report
BACKTRACK Advanced Designer – Data Band
BACKTRACK Advanced Designer – Actions and Properties Windows

Additional Comments

These instructions were written to resolve an “Rich3: Error in expression…” error message that occurred when using a report as a receipt after a BACKTRACK user upgraded to v2015.


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