Finding the SENTINEL Configuration Files (.ini and .xml) – SENTINEL Instructions


This Instruction Article explains how to find the SENTINEL configuration files, both ini and xml, for SENTINEL back up or troubleshooting.


  1. Browse to SENTINEL folder in Windows (make sure to enable ‘view hidden folders: Control Panel -> Folder Options -> Show hidden files and folders -> check ‘Hidden files, folders, and drives’)
    • Windows 2008/2012/7: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Teklynx\Sentinel\ 
    • Windows 2003/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Teklynx\Sentinel
  2. Copy all ‘Configuration settings’ (.ini extension) and ‘XML documents’ (.xml extension) files in the root SENTINEL directory.  Configurations and XML files in SENTINEL maintain the printer alias names among other important settings.  Examples:
    1. Mapper.ini (Configuration and Settings for the Map Files)
    2. sentinel.xml (Configuration and Settings for each Sentinel print watch)
    3. Tasks.xdb (Query Manager Tasks)
    4. TKXCS.xml (SENTINEL Printer Settings)
    5. tkxdbwatch.xml (SENTINEL Database Watch Settings)
    6. TKXInput.xml (“Input” settings for the Sentinel print watches including drop file)
    7. TKXOutput.xml (“Output” settings for the Sentinel print watches)
    8. TkxReport.xml  (“Report” settings for the Sentinel print wathces)
    9. tkxsocket.xml (TCP/IP Socket Settings for SENTINELs)
    10. TkxWebServer.xml (Web Server Settings)
    11. users.xml(User name and password information)




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