Finding the Version and License or Serial Number – TEKLYNX Label Software Instructions


Instructions on how to find the serial number for an existing instance of TEKLYNX software running on a PC.  This applies to  instances that either are currently activated or have been activated in the past (and perhaps expired). This includes:


IMPORTANT NOTE: Demo instances TEKLYNX software never activated do not have a license or serial number.  Attempting to run an instance of the TEKLYNX software or run the TEKLYNX License Manager on a computer that has never had an activation installed will yield an activation screen (i.e. no License #). See below:


Generally, the license / serial number can be found either:

  1. Using the Help / About screen once the application is open
  2. Opening the License Manager application (typically installed with the application on the PC)

The Serial Number box contains the software serial number. It should look something like this: MKH72444 or NSPF66236.

1. Using the Help / About Screen

Open the application, select Help then About

The screens look slightly different based on the version and brand of TEKLYNX software (CODESOFT and SENTINEL shown below as an example):

The splash screen should have the license number listed as “S/N” or “Serial Number”.  Typical format is 3-4 letters followed by 5-6 digits (e.g. MKH65893, NSPF108919, etc.)

2. Opening the License Manager

Running the TEKLYNX (i.e. CODESOFT, LABELVIEW, or LABEL MATRIX) License Manager will yield different screen depending on activation type:

  1. USB Hardkey Activation
  2. Softkey Activation

Run TEKLYNX License Manager in Windows.  You should see:


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