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When first setting up NiceLabel Cloud Synchronization, the destination files do not retain revision history. Revision history is often required for auditing purposes.

Situation and symptoms

  • Synchronization is needed among multiple NiceLabel Cloud environments:
    1. Host production cloud environment synching (deploying) to other production cloud environments.
    2. Non-production cloud environment synching (deploying) to the production cloud environment.
  • Before synchronization is activated on the destination cloud environment, the host cloud holds artifacts that have multiple revisions.
  • After synchronization is activated, the destination cloud only synchronizes the latest revision.


NiceLabel Cloud Synchronization only synchronizes the latest revision of artifacts.


Archive production artifacts for auditing:

  1. Pause company label production for a brief time (10 minutes, perhaps).
  2. Cut and Paste (do not copy) all production artifacts with revisions (solutions, labels, images, data files, e.g.) to an archive folder. Cutting and pasting will retain revisions.
  3. Copy archived items from the archive folder to their original production folders. These will only have one revision each.
  4. Resume production.

Initiate synchronization:

  1. Start synchronization of the production folders.
  2. Each new revision of a source file will synchronize to the destination file. Hence, all new revisions are maintained in the destination file.

*Note – Only the latest revision will be synchronized per synchronization cycle. If the synchronization cycle is one hour and 5 revisions were made during the hour, only the latest revision will be synchronized.

Additional comments

Issue Found: NiceLabel Cloud

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