“Failure to Connect Could not locate device at IP Address…” – Datalogic VPM/CPM Error Message


This Error Message Article explains the Datalogic VPM/CPM error message “Failure to Connect Could not locate device at IP Address…” and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


The VPM system is unable to connect to an actual or virtual camera. The problems we have seen that cause this error message:

  1. The network adapter for LAN1 IP address on the MX20 is on a different subnet
  2. The Windows binding order (e.g. putting wireless LAN before CAM1, CAM2, INT1, etc.) prevents VPM from finding the camera IP address


Go through the options above to disqualify each one.Dadddddddd

Additional Comments

Issue Found: on Windows, VPM v11.2.2 Build 6

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