“Error 27502. Could not connect… Specified SQL server not found.” – BACKTRACK Error Message

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This article explains the BACTRACK error message “Error 27502. Could not connect to Microsoft SQL Server…” We also detail how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to occur.

BACKTRACK Error 27502 message.


Essentially, Error 27502 is a “server not found” issue.

The most frequent cause is the user mistyping the server, domain or computer name. Since BACKTRACK requires that the name is entered using a specific format, it is easy to enter the correct name, but use the wrong format.

Generally, the format required by BACKTRACK uses the same format used by Microsoft SQL Management Studio:
[DB Server or Domain Name]\[SQL Instance Name]

Quick Fixes

If the instance of SQL is set per recommendations, it should be visible by pressing the down arrow or Browse button. However, if it is not visible, possibly due to security restrictions, the user can type it in using the correct format shown above.

There are four different methods to identify the SQL instance.

Four methods of identifying an SQL instance in BACKTRACK

Additional Comments

Issue found in BACKTRACK v2015.

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