EPLS Prints Pallet the Same Label Repeatedly – EPLS Problem


This article explains how to resolve the EPLS problem that causes it to print the same label repeatedly.


  • EPLS prints the same label (same item and sequence number) over and over
  • EPLS logs appear normal
  • CODESOFT has an active license and test prints normally
  • In incident #2, EPLS printed VERY slowly (about one label per minute)


We have seen this occur a couple of times when the software cannot update the Central Database.

Incident #1 – Central Database was not responsive to changing or writing to fields using SQL Management Studio.

Incident #2 – EPLS was unable to synchronize with the Central Database due to incorrect password.


Incident #1

In order to fix the problem, we did the following:

  1. Deleted the Central Database (“Delete A SQL Database” – Article #KBA-01059-R1Z3R1)
  2. Created a new Central Database using a SQL script (“Setup A SQL Database Using A SQL Script” – Article #KBA-01060-C7R0X4)

Incident #2

To get the EPLS back on track, ran the database building script on the Local Database to ‘reset’ the database and then corrected the password problem with the Central Database.

Additional Comments

This caused all the data in the old (perhaps corrupted) database to be erased so I recommend you attempt a backup first if this data is important.

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