Enable Tracing or Logging for Teklynx License Manager (SLicense) – TEKLYNX Instructions


This Instruction Article explains how to enable tracing / logging for Teklynx License Manager (SLicense).  SLicense is used across multiple product lines from Teklynx.


  1. Find Parameters to enable the tracing of SLicense stored in the file LicenseManager.ini. This file is located in C:\ProgramData\Tki\LicenseManager folder.
  2. Make sure the following 4 entries that are set correctly:


  • If you did not use the default location for software installation, you may have to adjust the file location accordingly.
  • DbgReportFileSize = Maximum size of the log file (KB).
  • DbgReportPathName = location for the log files.
  • You can adjust both values to fit your needs.

Important Note

Take note of the folder location for the log file. You will need to navigate back to it the recover the log files.


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