“Duplicate Records Found” When Attempting to Retrieve Data From a PDT – BACKTRACK Error Message


This article explains the BACKTRACK error message “Duplicate Records Found” and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


When uploading information from the PDT into a PC running BACKTRACK, the PDT data is stored in a temporary location in the BACKTRACK database.  After the upload is complete, BACKTRACK starts a process where it reconciles information from the PDT and data in the database (e.g. add a quantity of 5 to part number 1234, change the location of part number 5678 to default, etc.).

During that process, if BACKTRACK detects that the user has added a new item into the PDT and given it the same item number that already exists in the database, it will stop and demand the user resolve the duplicate problem.


BACKTRACK typically gives the user an option, during the data reconciliation process, to resolve the issue.  If the option does not exist, the user will need to either:

  • Remove the duplicate item from the database and restart the upload
  • Remove the duplicate item from the PDT and restart the upload
  • Go directly into the SQL database and resolve the duplicate

Additional Comments

Link to problem article “Retrieving Duplicate Record Numbers from a PDT” when available.

Software Found On: 
Windows, BACKTRACK 12.00.04


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