Duplicate a Report – BACKTRACK Instructions


This Instruction Article explains how to duplicate a report (copy) in BACKTRACK.


  1. Select Design/Print Reports from the Main Menu
  2. Select the report you wish to copy and click Edit
  3. On the next windows, select Advanced Designer
  4. You will now enter the report writer program. Click File / Save As and save the report. Be sure to take note of where the report is saved. You will need that information later.
  5. Close (exit) the report writer program.
  6. You should now be back at the Select Report window. Click New
  7. Select Advanced Designer
  8. Enter the name of the new report and click OK
  9. You are now back in the report writer program with blank report template. Click File / Open.
  10. Select the file saved in step 4 and click Open
  11. Your report template will now look like the one you saved earlier.
  12. Move any element in the report template and move it back. This will trick the report writer program that you actually made some changes to the report. It will allow you to select the save command.
  13. Click File /
  14. Close (exit) the report writer program
  15. bacYou now have a duplicate report


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