Download Graphic Fonts into Thermal Printer Using an Embedded TEKLYNX Driver – CODESOFT Instructions

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This Instruction Article explains how to download graphic or Windows fonts to the memory of a thermal printer with CODESOFT. This is typically done using an embedded print driver such as the TEKLYNX driver. Doing so can increase the speed of printing as well as allow the use of printer code to enable more control over the printer during the label printing process.

Printer icon indicates this is a ‘printer resident’ font


  • Identify the name of desired font to download, it should be a Windows font installed on the local computer
  • Install the correct printer from within CODESOFT (this will be an embedded print driver)


Select the TEKLYNX embedded print driver that matches the printer

  • Open an existing label file or create a new one
  • Select target printer (with embedded print driver) inside CODESOFT. You will know it is an embedded TEKLYNX driver if you see a printer icon next to the printer name (see image below)This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is CODESOFT-Printer-Screen-with-Intermec-Embedded-Driver-Listed.png

Add Windows font to driver settings

  • Select Printer Settings and then the Font tab
  • Enter the required fields:
    1. Name
    2. Identifier
    3. Display font
  • Press the “>>” button to add this font to the download list
  • Save the label fileThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is CODESOFT-Font-tab-in-Printer-Settings-with-Saved-Font-1.png

Close and reopen CODESOFT

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you have saved the label file. Saving the label file connects the label design to the driver setting
  • Close CODESOFT
  • Reopen (this will force CODESOFT to refresh the font list)
  • Reopen the label files

Update text objects on label and save

  • Add/change text fields using the new font. The new font should now appear in the “Printer” section of the font list. (see image below)
  • Save the label file when doneThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is CODESOFT-Graphic-Font-Added-to-Printer-Font-List-1024x546.png

Additional comments

Tested Using: CODESOFT v2019

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