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A label is created in NiceLabel Designer and then imported into a Solution. Later, a change is made to the original file, but those changes do not appear in the Solution when it is opened. How the file is brought into Solution creates the situation where the NiceLabel Designer changes do not appear in a form.


A label can be designed for printing through NiceLabel Designer, NiceLabel Automation or in PowerForms. In PowerForms, there are two ways to use the access the label file:

  1. Reference the file’s path.
  2. Import the label design.

When the label is imported, a copy is made which is then placed in the solution. This means that the file in the solution is no longer linked to the original design file and any changes made to the original will not automatically be updated in the solution.


  1. The file testLabel is imported into a solution.
  1. The original testLabel file is then modified in NiceLabel Designer, adding black boxes.
  1. However, when looking at the label in the solution, the Designer changes do not appear in the form.


You have two options to resolve this issue:

  1. If the file will be used by only one solution: Make the changes within the solution itself within the solution’s tab. This version of the label will only be referenced by this solution. You will have to export it for it to be used anywhere else.
  2. If the file will be used by more than one solution: Make the changes in the original file and then re-import it into the solution. But this time, import it by referencing the path to the file. This way, any changes made in the original will appear in all of the solutions using it.

Additional Comments

Tested using NiceLabel 10.

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