Deactivated SENTINELs Go Back to Active – SENTINEL Problem


This article explains how to resolve the SENTINEL problem of deactivated SENTINELs automatically going back to active (Without Human Intervention).


Deactivated SENTINELs can switch back to Active status without apparent warning, causing problems.


Sometimes SENTINELs are deactivated during testing (e.g. transition to a new SENTINEL, etc.). However the SENTINELs can switch back to Active status without apparent warning causing problems.

This happened recently with a client where we transitioned them from an old set of printing SENTINELs to a new one as part of a software upgrade. Periodically, the old SENTINELs would reactivate causing confusion for the client.


It appears that when a server hosting SENTINEL resets (where the server turns services off and back on) all enabled SENTINELs are restarted to Active status. This includes SENTINELs that were intentionally deactivated (but still enabled).

If one wishes to prevent a SENTINEL from reactivating, they need to set it to disabled status in the SENTINEL Manager interface.

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