Deactivate and Reactivate a TEKLYNX Single User License – TEKLYNX Instructions

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This Instruction Article explains how to activate or deactivate a single user license for TEKLYNX software products (LABEL MATRIX, LABELVIEW and CODESOFT). This may be required when moving a license to a different workstation or to force a subscription license to update the renewal date.


  • Find the License Serial Number and Password – If you are activating a license, remember to to have your Serial Number and Password handy. It will be REQUIRED to reactivate your software! If you cannot find your license serial number, try this article. If you cannot find your password, contact EBI for assistance.
  • Verify Internet Connection – Your workstation must have internet access for successful deactivation and reactivation.
  • Remember to Deactivate the license First (as shown below) – ALWAYS deactivate your license before trying to reactivate it. Failure to deactivate a previously activated license will likely prevent a subsequent activation.


  1. Open the License Manager– three methods:
    • Method 1 – Enter “License Manager” into Windows search
    • Method 2 – Browse in All Programs for TEKLYNX [Label Brand] [Version]
    • Method 3 – Search for the License Manage application:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Teklynx\CODESOFT 2018\UpgradeWizard.exe
  2. Select Deactivate
  3. Reopen the License Manager
  4. Select Activate
  5. Enter Credentials

Additional Comments

Instructions Created with: CODESOFT 2015 and 2018 on Windows 10

If you have an off-line license, you may have additional option in the License Manager – Using a USB key.  If your computer does not have access to the Internet, you may wish to use the procedure below:



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