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When printing, the date does not print out on the label. This is despite the label successfully including the date previously. The cause for this is not immediately obvious, but fortunately the solution is simple.

Situation and Symptoms

  • The label successfully prints as intended from the workstation/printer combo where it was created.
  • The label was then edited on another computer and saved.
  • After being saved, the date no longer appears on the label when it is printed.
  • The label now gives a warning when it is opened with the wrong printer selected.


CODESOFT offers the option to use the Printer Date when printing labels. This uses the printer’s internal clock instead of the computer’s. This allows for labels to have their times synced with the printer when printing a large batch of labels.

This feature relies on the printer’s internal fonts. When the label is opened, modified and saved on a different computer with a different printer, this causes the fonts to be lost along with the functionality.

Quick Fix

If the label file is opened on a computer that does not have the original printer selected, CODESOFT will generate a warning alert.

If this occurs, do not save the file before selecting the same printer mentioned in the warning.


If the workstation does not already have the print driver for the original printer installed, then download it. It does not matter if the printer does not physically exist as the printer driver will be able to simulate the fonts.

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