Datalogic PowerScan 9300 – Product Information and User Guides

Datalogic Powerscan 3900 Hand-Held Scanner

Product Overview

With a well-balanced weight and ergonomic design, the PowerScan 9300 is designed to offer optimal operator comfort during scan-intensive operations even in extreme environmental conditions.

The PowerScan 9300 features Datalogic’s exclusive 3 Green Lights (3GL) for superior good-read feedback with the patented ‘Green Spot’ providing visual confirmation that a code has been successfully read. This allows for efficient operation even in areas where the background noise level makes the normal “beep” hard to hear. The additional pair of Good Read LEDs on the top of the cap increase the visibility of the confirmation signal from any angle. Additionally, the ‘Green Spot’ is effective in targeting a single code from a group of barcodes, or that items and locations are matched.

Not only have the 9300’s mechanics been engineered to withstand almost any operating environment, but they have been designed and tested to maintain consistent reading standards. This has been done without sacrificing operator comfort nor performance and reliability.

Available in corded or cordless versions, the 9300 scanners have multi-interface capabilities including: USB, RS-232, Keyboard Wedge and optional Ethernet for the cordless models. They are capable of scanning up to 37ft/11.5m away on reflective codes.

Product Information

PowerScan™ PBT9300 Family Product Reference Guide (PDF)

PowerScan™ PBT9300 Family Product Cordless Reader Reference Guide (PDF)

PowerScan™ PM9300 Family Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

PowerScan™ PC9XX0 Base Station/Charger Quick Reference Guide (PDF)


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