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The Database Wizard generated an error message, “Connection test failed. The Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider is not registered on the local machine.” The error occurs when attempting to connect to an external data source. An additional message sometimes appears when trying to fix the original error. This article explains the underlying causes and how to fix the issue.

Connecting to a database using the Database Wizard
“Connection test failed” error message.


The error typically indicates a mismatch in bit-type between CODESOFT and the ACE drivers used for the data source application. CODESOFT is a 32-bit application. However, Microsoft Office 365 installs are 64-bit in most cases


The solution lies in downloading the 32-bit Windows ACE driver for Microsoft Access. This applies to all Office applications. The ACE driver is available directly from Microsoft (external link).

  1. Select the download.
  1. Select the 32-bit executable.
  1. Windows may show an error when you launch the executable. It will say that the install cannot continue without first removing the 64-bit installation of Office.

If you receive the error message:

a. Open a Command Prompt window
b. Click Search
c. Type CMD


a. Click Start
b. Select the Windows System folder
c. Click Command prompt

Next, navigate to the folder where the downloaded Microsoft AccessDatabaseEngine.exe is located. Normally, this will be in the Downloads folder. Once have located the file, run the executable with the /passive parameter.

After installing Microsoft Access database engine 2016, reattempt to connect CODESOFT with the external data source.

Additional Comments

Tested using CODESOFT 2015, CODESOFT 2019.

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