Database Connections Changing to “When Printed” Values – CODESOFT Problem

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When using a label design as a template, an advanced user can pull data into the label using a database connection as a data source. However, to do this, the Open merge database with the document feature must be enabled. If it is not, CODESOFT changes the database connections to When Printed fields. The user must then manually reconnect the database at open/check out.

The Data Sources change to When Printed values.

Situation and Symptoms

  • The label design includes a valid connection to the Database data source when saved or checked-in.
  • When the label is opened or checked out, the Database data source disappears and CODESOFT moves the fields previously named in the data source down to When Printed data sources.
  • The Database data source can be manually reconnected to the correct query. Right-clicking on Database and clicking on Select next to the correct database connection moves the fields back from When Printed to Database values.
Manually reconnecting to the databease.


CODESOFT will not automatically reconnect the database connection unless the user enables the Open merge database with the document feature.


Open the CODESOFT configuration window. Enable the Open merge database with the document setting by clicking on the checkbox next to that feature. This forces CODESOFT to reconnect and Database data sources saved into any label design when the label is opened or checked out.

Select the box next to Open merge database with the document.

Additional Comments

Tested Using CODESOFT 2019

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