Darkness or Offset Driver Settings Not Affecting Label Output – SENTINEL and TEKLYNX CENTRAL Problem

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When printing from SENTINEL or TEKLYNX CENTRAL, changes in the darkness or offset driver settings are not affecting the label output. Despite making the changes in the drivers located on the host server, the print settings are unchanged. As a result, there is no change in the label’s appearance.

Situation and Symptoms

  • Using the Windows print driver to print, rather than the embedded TEKLYNX drivers
  • Using Printing Preferences to change Driver settings:
    • Windows Printers & Scanners Settings
    • Print Management
    • Printing Preferences within the application, such as CODESOFT
  • Changes to the print driver darkness (heat) or offset (margin) fail to change the printer settings and the print job looks the same
  • SENTINEL Label Print Manager Windows Server uses a different Log On account than that of the user changing the settings


There are multiple ways to change the print driver settings within the Windows operating system. Additionally, the settings are changeable in multiple locations. The different ways to change the drivers include:

  • Printing Defaults – this changes the driver defaults and affects both new accounts as well as accounts that don’t allow user login, such as Local System Accounts.
  • Printing Preferences – this changes the driver settings for the logged-in user account only.
  • Printing Preferences from Within the Application – this changes the driver settings until the user exits the application.

Additionally, Printing Defaults and Printing Preferences can be changed in Windows Printers and Scanners and Print Manager consoles.

A brief guide to Printer Preferences, Printer Defaults and Printer Settings can be found here.

SENTINEL’s inherits its permissions from a designated “Log on” account. This is set in Windows Services. Changes to Printing Preferences is unlikely to affect print output.

If the logged in account is a “Local System” account, there is no login for changing Printing Preferences. In this case, the account is probably using Printing Default settings.

Example of a Windows Service using a local system account.

SENTINEL is the Print Manger for TEKLYNX CENTRAL. As a result, all settings in SENTINEL affect TEKLYNX’ browser printing (BBUI).


Make changes to Windows print driver settings on the TEKLYNX CENTRAL or SENTINEL server using Printer Defaults. Users logging into the server and testing prints using the CODESOFT Label Designer application from the server must take care that the Printing Preferences match the Printing Defaults. This will ensure that the two methods of printing from the server use the same settings.

Additional Comments

Inspired by Ben Yu, Manufacturing Engineer at Creation Technologies, Inc.

Issue found with TEKLYNX CENTRAL v6, SENTINEL v.2021, CODESOFT v2021 and Windows Server

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