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It’s often a good idea to test-print a new label design on a regular printer to make sure it is legible and catch any errors. Printing to a file allows you to share the label file digitally so that stakeholders can review. Best practices is to save the file as if it were being printed on the specific media size. This prevents the PDF from accidentally being resized. Microsoft Print to PDF is an example of a document driver. However, the desired custom paper size is unavailable in most document drivers. Generally, they offer only predefined paper sizes. Windows registry contains these pre-defined values so it is difficult to add or change them.

Situation and Symptoms

When creating a new label, the user selects a document driver to simulate the specific label size. However the custom paper size is unavailable.


Fortunately, there are two separate options that allow you to get around these limitations.

OPTION 1: Use the Printer Driver for the Intended Printer

If you know what printer will be used to output the label, use the print driver for that printer.

  1. Select Print to file in NiceLabel.
  2. Select the correct printer driver.
OPTION 2: Use a Document Driver that Allows Custom Settings

Unlike Microsoft Print to PDF, Microsoft XPS Document Writer allow customization. There are other document drivers which offer similar options as well.

Additional Comments

Issue found with NiceLabel 10

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