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The designer created a label template in NiceLabel Designer using custom fonts. The label is then uploaded to NiceLabel Cloud. However, when opening the label, the custom fonts are not shown in Preview. Instead, standard fonts are shown instead.

Situation and Symptoms

The label template is created in NiceLabel Designer using custom Windows fonts. In the image below, they are the specialized symbols, including [REF], [SN] and [LOT].

The label is then uploaded to NiceLabel Cloud. However, when clicking on the label the preview replaces the custom font items with standard text:


What is occurring is that the NiceLabel Cloud instance does not have the same custom fonts available as the Windows environment where the label was designed. Typically, this means that the designer’s workstation had the custom fonts installed, but the workstation where the the preview is being viewed does not have those fonts installed. As a result, NiceLabel Cloud is substituting the missing fonts for ones it has available.


Add the same custom fonts used on the designer’s station to the NiceLabel Cloud instance. These would be either TrueType fonts (TTF) or OpenType fonts (OTF) files. These should be installed in the folder \Root\System\Fonts. If this folder does not yet exist, create it and add the fonts.

IMPORTANT! Adding the fonts will change effect the templates that have already been uploaded to the Cloud. This means that the preview will still show the wrong fonts. This means that you will have to delete the template from the Cloud and re-upload the original template to the cloud from the designer’s work station. If necessary, templates already in the Cloud can be downloaded to the workstation, checked to confirm that the custom fonts are still referenced, and then re-uploaded to the Cloud.

After the fonts have been installed, any future templates referencing the custom fonts will properly display those fonts in preview.

Additional Comments

Issue Found in: NiceLabel Cloud 10.2

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