Current Date Showing on Reprinted Label – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Problem

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When reprinting a label, the expectation is that the original printing date will appear on the label. Instead, however, the current date is showing on the reprinted label. This article will show you the workaround to resolve the issue.

Situation and Symptoms

  • Label was successfully printed in the past.
  • Instead of the original print date, the current date is shown in the DATE field.


TEKLYNX CENTRAL will store the values of variables for labels as they are printed. These variables are stored in its internal database. However, formulas are re-calculated when a label is reprinted. In this example, the function FormatDate(now(),””) is executed again during the reprint.


By using a date variable with the desired format, TEKLYNX CENTRAL will store the fixed date from the variable at the time of printing. If the label is reprinted, it will correctly show the original print date.

Additional Comments

Issue Found with: TEKLYNX CENTRAL 6.0.

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