“Gap Not Found #1028” – SATO CT4-LX Printer Error Message

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The SATO can use the media sensor to run in two different modes. Both the Gap and I-Mark modes allow the printer to detect where a label begins and ends. This ensures the CT4-LX prints labels within the correct top and margin. However, things can happen that throw off the sensor, leading to error messages like “Gap Not Found #1028”. This article will help you resolve the issue while explaining what caused it.

CT4-LX “Gap Not Found #1028” error message.


Gap sensor selected

The printer is attempting to use its gap sensor to correctly position the top of each label as it is printing. The error message indicates that it is having problems doing so.

Typical causes include:

  • Meandering media resulting in the sensor no longer pointed to the labels.
  • The label is blocking the sensor – possibly stuck in front of it
  • The label roll was designed for a different type of sensor, such as I-marks located where the software does not expect them to be
  • Media sensor requires recalibration

Quick Fixes

Open the printer and visually check to see if the media has moved or is blocking the sensor. Also check to make sure that the label roll is designed for the CT4-LX.

If the above are not the issue, try recalibrating the printer’s media sensor.

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Issue found with SATO CT4-LX

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