“CS has stopped working” -CODESOFT Error Message

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This article explains the cause of the CODESOFT error message “CS has stopped working”. It also provides instructions on how to resolve the issue.

CODESOFT error message “CS has stopped working.”

This message appears when you launch the CODESOFT program. After the message appears, the only option is to close the program. You will see a reference to a .NET error under System Log within the Windows Event logs.


This error that prompts the error message is caused by a corrupted user profile. If you can launch CODESOFT on the same computer, but under a different user account and the software performs as normal, then you have confirmed that a corrupt user profile is at fault.


Contact your IT department to delete and recreate the affected user profile. Alternatively, you may continue to use a different user login on the computer to continue using the CODESOFT software.


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