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In CODESOFT, you can already easily create a data entry Pick List for “When Printed” variables. If you have several labels that use the same Pick List, it is desirable if you could create the list once for use across multiple labels. This article will show you how to create a shared Pick List for use in CODESOFT.


This article assumes that you are familiar with the basic functions of the CODESOFT software.


1. Go to Tools, Configuration

2. Select Default folders on the left of the window.

3. Set the Shared data sources folder to be the location on the network where every user has access.

Configuration window with Default folders selected, showing the location of the Shared data sources folder.

4. Go to Tools > Shared data sources management and select Lists… from the pull-down.

Tools tab with Shared data sources management selected and Lists… highlighted in the pull-down menu.

5. Create a new list (shown as “country list” in the image below) on the left portion of the window.

6. Enter the values (shown as countries) in the right portion.

Create the new list in the left portion of the Shared List window with the values being added to the right half.

7. Click OK when all values have been entered.

8. You will see the new shared Pick List in the When Printed window’s Pick list pull-down

When printed window showing the Pick list pull-down.


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