Create a View from an External Table with a Record ID in TEKLYNX CENTRAL – Instructions

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In order for TEKLYNX CENTRAL to be able to process workorders on an external database, the database – or table – needs to have a unique ID (UID). Also known as a Record ID, if it is missing TEKLYNX CENTRAL won’t be able to pull the needed data. Users with an existing database that doesn’t have a Job Number or other UID column have two choices:

A. Create a new column and manually enter Job Numbers, or;
B. Create a virtual UID or Record ID

This article will walk you through the steps needed to accomplish option B. If your database already has a Job Order column or other UID field, you will not need to do any of this.


  • Note the server name where the database containing the Workorder-Product table is saved
  • Have valid credentials to log into the database


  1. Connect to the database using Microsoft SQL Management Studio
  2. In Object Explorer, expand the target database
  1. Enter an SQL Statement similar to that shown below. Substitute the appropriate column names as they appear in your table.
  1. Highlight the SQL statement, then right-click and select Execute SQL.
  1. Right-click on the tab name and select Save [DATABASE NAME] – dbo.[DEFAULT VIEW NAME].
  1. Enter the View Name and press OK.
  1. Right-click on the new view and choose Select Top 1000 Rows to verify that the table looks correct.

If it looks ok, then you have successfully created a Record ID.

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Tested Using Microsoft SQL Management Studio 18

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