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This Instruction Article explains how to create a session timeout for the NiceLabel Web Client. Following a session timeout, a user will be required to authenticate again to the licensed NiceLabel Cloud URL. A session timeout is often needed to ensure that each person using the same Web Client goes through authentication, so the user audit history is as accurate as possible.


NiceLabel Designer – PowerForms is needed to update NiceLabel Solutions opened by Web Client users as Applications.


  1. In NiceLabel Designer, open the NiceLabel solution which uses forms.
  2. Select the Data tab, select Dynamic Data Manager, and click Internal Variables.

  1. Click the check box for the variable SystemUserName.
  2. Create a VBScript Expression function for the Web Client configuration path.

Use the expression “C:\Users\” & [SystemUserName] & “\AppData\Local\NiceLabel\NiceLabelWebClient\user.product.config”

  1. Create a standard text variable called Variable_ASCII.
  2. Select a form and click “Document Properties”.
  3. Click Events.
  4. In the “On Form Inactivity” section, select the time interval for session timeout.
  5. In the “On Form Inactivity” section, click the “Actions” button.
  6. In the Actions Editor, add the following four actions:

  1. In the Read Data from File action-
    1. Set File name: to the variable [WC_Config_Path].
    2. Set Variable: to the variable Variable_ASCII.
  2. In the String Manipulation action-
    1. Click “Selected Variable”.
    2. Click the checkbox next to Variable_ASCII.
    3. Click the Search and Replace check box.
    4. In the “Find What” field, add: <PowerFormsCloudTokenData>(.*?)</PowerFormsCloudTokenData>
    5. In the “Replace With” field, add: <PowerFormsCloudTokenData></PowerFormsCloudTokenData>
    6. Click the checkbox next to “Regular expressions”.
  1. In the Save Data to File action-
    1. Set File name to [WC_Config_Path].
    2. Set Content to [Variable_ASCII].
    3. Click the OK button to save.
  2. Repeat steps 6-13 for each form in the solution. Steps 10-13 can be done quickly by copying and pasting the four Actions from one form’s On Form Inactivity Actions to another.

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NiceLabel Cloud, NiceLabel Designer 10

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