Copying Printers from Windows Server – Instructions

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Copying the printer setup from one Windows server to another Windows server allows you to take a known good configuration and apply it to another system quickly and with a reduced chance of error. This article will guide you through the process of copying printers from a Windows server and applying them to another.


When migrating applications to a different server, it is frequently required to create an exact copy of all the printers which are installed on the current server. Performing this task manually is tedious, time consuming and can lead to inadvertent errors as a critical configuration may not get properly implemented.


  • You will need proper permissions to create printers on both servers
  • Both servers must be able to communicate with each other
  • It is assumed that you are familiar with the Windows Print Management console


The following steps will be performed on the Destination Server.

1. Open the Print Management console.

The Print Manager console on the destination server.

2. Expand Print Servers.

3. Right-click on Print Servers and select Add/Remove Servers.

Selecting Add/Remove Servers from the Print Server option in Print Management.

4. Enter the name of the Original Server and click Add to List.

Adding the Original Server to the Destination Server’s Configure Print Management window.

5. Click OK.

6. Right-click on the name of the Original Server (which you just added) and select Export Printers to a File…

Exporting the list of printers from the Original Server to a file.

7. Follow the on-screen instructions to export the printers to a file.

8. Right-click on the Destination Server’s name and select Import Printers from a File…

Importing the printers from the just-created file.

9. Follow the instructions to import the printers from the file.

10. Check and test all the printers to make sure that they are correctly set up.


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