Consolidating NiceLabel Licenses – Instructions

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As needs grow, companies can add more printer licenses for NiceLabel. However, NiceLabel does not automatically connect any of these new licenses to the older, original “base license”. As a result, maintaining and controlling all of these licenses can become a challenge. Any upgrades, changes or the like require re-entering all of the effected licenses individually. Consolidating NiceLabel Licenses makes managing them easier.


Contact us at EBI. We recommend that you have your purchase order(s) that clearly identifies the Base License as well as the other licenses, license keys and part numbers. We can assist current and recent clients with locating that info.

  • Request that the licenses retain activation on the old license keys for a 1-month grace period as opposed to being deactivated.
  • If you have a high number of licenses, you may have them consolidated into multiple groups. This is because NiceLabel ONLY consolidates licenses into the capacities of existing part numbers. For example, a location with 155 licenses would have them consolidated into three separate parts:
    • License #1 – 100 printers (Part number NLLPXX100S)
    • License #2 – 50 printers (Part number NLLEAD0505S)
    • License #3 – 5 printers (Part number NLLPAD005S)


  1. Using NiceLabel Designer, deactivate the current license build. NiceLabel Designer will close.
  1. Reopen NiceLabel and select Activate license at the activation prompt.
  1. Choose the activation type. Use License Key for PowerForms Suite or below.
  1. Enter the Base License FIRST, along with the other required information.
  2. Select Activate.
  1. Return to the About window and choose Upgrade your license to add all the additional licenses.
  1. Go to all of the other workstations and deactivate then reactivate the licenses on them. You will only need to activate with the Base License.

Additional Comments

Tested with NiceLabel 2019.

If you need further assistance, please contact us.


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