ConnectionOpen SQL Server does not exist or access denied” – CODESOFT Error Message

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This article explains the error message “[DBNETLIB] [ConnectionOpen (Connect().]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.” In addition to explaining the underlying cause, this article will walk you through the steps to fix the error.

The CODESOFT ConnectionOpen error message.


The ConnectionOpen error indicates that CODESOFT is unable to execute a database connnection string embedded in a connection file used by the label. When CODESOFT opens a file or checks out a file from LABEL ARCHIVE, it immediately displays the label and presents any forms requiring user input. The label may contain links to a database. These links are typically found in Windows ODBC connections. However, they may also be in the CODESOFT OLE Database Connections folder. Regardless of the location, the error message will appear if the connection file contains an invalid connection string.

NOTE: CODESOFT will only generate the error message if the connection string is invalid within a connection file. On the other hand, if the connection file is missing, it will ignore the connection and not send an error message.

Quick Fixes

You can simply replace or fix the connection file.

CODESOFT’s Administrator OLE DB is a handy tool to fix or replace a CODESOFT-generated OLE DB connection file. It is located in the Tools menu. You can find instructions for using Administrator OLE DB here.

However, if you do not see the connection file in Administrator OLE DB, you will need to use Windows ODBC Data sources to edit it.

CODESOFT’s default location for OLE DB connections.

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