Connecting to SQL Database as Network Client – BACKTRACK Instructions

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A full install of BACKTRACK requires that an SQL server is installed alongside. A database with SA (SQL Server Administration) credentials is installed as well. However, network clients will not install SQL Server and will instead connect to this database remotely. As a result, the installation may not open the correct network ports needed to connect to the database, causing a communication error. Follow the instructions below to remove this obstacle to connecting to an SQL database as a network client.

Situation and Symptoms

  • BACTRACK gives an SQL network interface error when connecting to the SQL Database from a network client.
  • When the server’s firewall is turned off, the client is allowed to connect to the database.


When installing SQL Server, the installation process includes opening ports in the firewall to allow for a remote connection. When installing via a network connection, these ports are not opened. Therefore, the correct ports will need to be manually opened to allow for inbound and outbound communication with the SQL server.


  1. Open Windows Defender Firewall and navigate to Inbound Rules.
  2. Select New Rule… to open the New Inbound Rule Wizard.
  1. Check the button next to Specific local ports:
  2. Enter 1433 as the port number.
  3. Configure Action, Profile and Name as appropriate for the user and then click on Next.
  1. Make any adjustments needed to the Rule to filter who has access to this opened port.
  2. Open the SQL Configuration Manager and enable Shared Memory, Named Pipes and TCP/IP in the protocols for SQL Server Network Configuration.
  1. Within the properties for TCP/IP, set the TCP port to 1433 in IPAII.
  1. Next, restart the SQL Server Instance in SQL Server Services
  1. Finally, verify your settings by opening BACKTRACK on a client and test to confirm that it can connect to the database.

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